FPT University wins Second Prize of Imagine Cup 2012

Day update: 28/06/2012

Being highly appreciated for its creativity, sociality, and ability for further development, the project "Displaying Marine Information" of the 6Fingers team including Tran Hai Dang, Pham Quang Hung, Ta Duc Tung of FPT University has excellently won Second Prize of Imagine Cup Vietnam 2012.

Mr. Kevin Turner, chief executive of Microsoft Corporation awarded Second Prize to the 6Fingers team from FPT University

Mr. Chu Ngoc Anh - Vice Minister of Science and Technology, Mrs. Sarah E. Kemp - Commercial Counselor, U.S. Embassy in Hanoi, Mr. Kevin Turner - Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation, Mr. Jamie Harper - CEO of Microsoft Vietnam, and numerous students in Vietnam also attended the award ceremony.

Surpassing nearly 80 teams from 22 universities and colleges across the country to excel and win Second prize at Imagine Cup contest of 2012 Vietnam, FPT University has reassured the school's position in ICT training in Vietnam. Specially, the scale of Imagine Cup 2012 has increased by 4 times compared to last year, and quality of the projects applied has also been raised to a higher level.


Mr. Kevin Turner praised the best 3projects of Imagine Cup Vietnam 2012.

Mrs. Sarah Kemp, Commercial Counselor, U.S. Embassy in Vietnam, commented on the project "Displaying Marine Information" of FPT University group: “I was very impressed with 6Fingers’ project. You took advantage of the technological solutions to apply in the project to address problems of the community.”


Ms. Sarah Kemp was listening to 6Fingers team members presenting the project “Displaying Marine information”.

The program has the participation of Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Anh. Immediately after the ceremony, Deputy Minister has met directly with the 6Fingers team. He wanted to learn and support them in developing this solution.


Mr. Huynh Anh Dung (center) has been side by side with 6Fingers from the very first day of Imagine Cup 2012

After listening to the best 3 teams of Imagine Cup 2012 presenting their plan, Kevin Turner - Chief Executive Officer Microsoft Corporation commented: “You have the reason to be proud of what you have done in Imagine Cup 2012. Seeing the talent, creativity, discipline of the winners this time, I hope you can become the future leaders of Vietnam and Microsoft Corporation.” He also expressed his wish: “Microsoft is entering a new era, the era of Windows 8, Metro technology, and the corporation would like to see what students can do with this technology”.

This is the 5th year the Imagine Cup has been held in Vietnam. Imagine Cup is a software designing competition organized in over 70 countries worldwide. This is also the 5th Imagine Cup competition held in Vietnam under the cooperation of Microsoft Vietnam and Vietnam Informatics Association. The competition is also a bridge between Vietnam students and International Imagine Cup 2012 which give students an opportunity to challenge themselves, explore their own creativity through the use of technology to solve problems of the world.


Vietnam champions in the Imagine Cup 2012:

• First Prize: GP3S Team of HCMC University of Industry with the project “Public incidents alerts system”

• Second place: 6Fingers Team of FPT University with "Displaying marine information."

• Third Prize: C4B Team of Polytechnic University of Hanoi with "BiboCare, solution to communicate with infants through mobile devices."


Achievement of FPT University teams at Imagine Cup through the years:

• 2012: Second Prize with “Displaying marine information”

• 2011: Second Prize with World State Visualization projects, website which update the world’s figures.

• 2010: Consolation prize with "Sowing seeds of childhood" - software that supports teaching in schools.
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