International students participated in 25th Anniversary of FPT Corporation

Day update: 19/09/2013

On 13th September 2013, international students studying the full-degree and exchange programs at FPT University proudly participated in the 25th Coming-of-age Anniversary of FPT Corporation.

International students dressed their national costumes joining the festival.

The sport festival titled “FPT- The Faith in ¼ Century” was staged through out an extensive ground of My Dinh National Stadium, radiantly decorated by the colorful balloons and blue-green-orange gonfalons. This event is taken place in every 13thSeptember to celebrate the foundation of FPT University since the year of 1999, upheld annually as a long-lasting exquisite culture of FPTers. Particularly, over 30 foreign students with different races took this opportunity to engage in many sporting activities such as honorable marching; physical games (e.g.: Tug of war, twist wrestle, etc) and a beer festival. For the first time, these students with their traditional dresses originated from Nigeria, Cameroon, Brunei, Thailand, Laos, South Korea and Japan have observed and got involved in such an event in during their stay in Vietnam. The festival combined various parts ranging from FPT units’ parade, solemn addresses to games and art performances dedicated by FPT staffs and students.



Enjoyed activities with FPT students and staffs.

 The intermingled ceremony acting as a cultural bridge has profoundly impressed both FPT staffs and the international students regarding culture exchange, language understandings and awareness of corporate ethnics. Through a range of opening speeches, art performances and team-building games, these students experienced a date worth remembering in their very first day at FPT University.

A contingent dance performed by Nigerian students andFPT High School boys.

The festival is full of interesting activities and excellent performance. Your well-designed stage and enrichment activity area impresses me very well. After this event, my mind is broadened about FPT Corporation, friendly and enthusiastic FPT people as well as FPT original culture. I have never been on such a stunning event in life. Brilliant!!!” said Atisak Chachareon Por, an exchange student from Thailand.

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