Nigerian students celebrated 53rd Independence Day at FPT University

Day update: 16/10/2013

On last 1st October, an informal celebration dedicated to 53rd Nigerian Independence Day was held by Nigerian students and FIA at FPT University, Hoa Lac Campus. As the first batch of international full-time students this year, Nigerian students were eager to celebrate the anniversary of their country‘s Independence, conveying a message of national pride on history, desire for peace and the struggling spirit that ousted British Colonists from Nigeria.


Nigerian students took photo with FPT Student Council’s members.

Along with their friends around the worlds, these Nigerian students were gear up to hold a celebration with the involvement of international fellows and staffs. The event was scheduled to take place in night October 1st, with the activities ranging from a party for all audiences to a cultural night where young Nigerian students demonstrated appreciation of their Nigerian heritages.


Vietnamese students tried dressing Nigerian costumes.


National anthems of Vietnam and Nigeria were sung in chorus.

The celebration was witnessed and joined by student community at FPT University, cheered by Vietnamese, Lao, Thai, Korean and Brunei fellows. The program formally started with Nigerian and Vietnamese anthems in chorus. Like other countries, the Independence Day of Nigeria is often celebrated with great zeal and festive fervor.

Nigerian students, dressed in their traditional costumes typical in different parts of the country, were devoting their folk performances including conventional dances and songs.


Traditional dances were performed by Nigerian students.


A Nigerian student demonstrated his dance moves for Vietnamese friends.

Nigerian foods such as Egusi and Okro soup were prepared and served that gave a fun-filled time for all students


A typical soup in Nigeria was served for free.


International students stayed in queue to taste Nigerian traditional soups.

The event came to end by Nigerian national anthem again


All students joined to take a closing picture after the celebration.

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