One FPT Student Is Awarded Scholarships from Shinshu University

Day update: 10/04/2013

In the evening of March 30th, two students from FPT University, Bui Hong Nhung and Than Thi Trang started their journey to Japan, taking part in an one-year exchange program at Shinshu University. One of them, Hong Nhung, is awarded a Jasso scholarship worth YEN 960,000 (VND 200 million). This is the second time a student from FPT University is awarded a prestigious Jasso scholarship.

From Nam Dinh, Hong Nhung’s parents were present at FPT University in order to receive full information on their daughter’s upcoming journey.

Being ones of the most excellent students of FPT University with an impressive academic records as well as actively taking part in extracurricular activities, Bui Hong Nhungand ThanThiTrang quickly got their applications into the eyes of the judges of Shinshu University (Japan).

With an outstanding academic records, FPT student Bui Hong Nhung of Batch 6B exceptionally gained a Jasso scholarship from Shinshu University, which is worth YEN 960,000 (equaling more than VND 200 million) for one year of studying and living at the nation of the sun.

The meeting between the students, their parents and FPT University  were held with the help of Ngo Dang Tung – the first FPT student to receive the Jasso scholarship. Tung helped provide necessary information about the study program, the living conditions as well as some useful advice for Nhung and Trang’s stay at Shinshu University.

Showing his peace of mind in knowing that FPT University always have a liaison officer in charge of supporting and helping the students during their stay in Japan, Mr. Bui Van Linh, father of Bui Hong Nhung also asked many question about the place of residence, the studying and living conditions of his daughters during her time in Japan.

Ngo Dang Tung openly shared his experience about the exchange program in Shinshu University, which lasted 1 year from the day he arrived at the airport until the day he finished his study in Japan.

Giving his advice about living and studying in Japan, Ngo Dang Tung also introduced the Vietnamese students studying in Shinshu to Nhung and Trang. Tung said: “To me, going abroad to study is a great chance to meet new people, finessing one’s cultural, social as well as professional  knowledge.

Improving his Japanese skill from N4 to N2, becoming proficient in communicating and being able to use public transport and going on tours alone one month after arrival were among the things Dang Tung achieved in Japan.

“Check your email frequently, join actively in activities held by the clubs of ShinshuUniversitiy” were the advice from Ngo Dang Tung to Nhung and Trang. According to him, only by experiencing a lot can one grow up.

Hong Nhung is a particularly well-known face in the FPT student community. The trip to Japan is her second time abroad: her previous trip to Singapore was the prize for being selected as the Golden Toad of FPT University.

Pleased with the information that Tung shared, as well as the secure living conditions and excellent studying environment of Japan, Mr. Bui Van Linh stated: “The moral ground of children is decided by the family, but their working style, the living style and the professional knowledge depends completely on the orientation and the educational methodology of the University. This is one of the reasons our family greatly support Nhung’s decision in choosing FPT University while she (had) already got a certain pass into Hanoi National University”.

Vân Anh
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