Students from Myanmar Visit FPT Corporation

Day update: 18/07/2013

On July 11th, 21 students from Victoria University College (Myanmar) had an interesting field trip to Panasonic Risupia Vietnam center, FPT Corporation and listened to a talk by Chief Strategy Oficer  of FPT Corporation, Mr. Nguyen Huu Thai Hoa. This is one of the most notable activities among the extracurricular activities that FPT University organized for international students.

At the Panasonic Risupia Vietnam Center, under the instructions of the center’s personnel, the students from Myanmar have a chance to visit the display center of modern tech products and the Risupia area, where mathematics and physics-related games are held for visitors..

Burmese students say that they are greatly impressed by the modern technologies of Panasonic, especially 3D technologies. With this program, FPT University hopes to give the students a chance to experience the best practice and the hi-tech environment of Panasonic, helping them to accumulate knowledge and experiences for themselves.

Leaving Panasonic Risupia Vietnam in the morning of July 9th, the Myanmar student delegation visits FPT Corporation. At the ground floor, they have a chance to visit FPT Museum. Many are surprised and excited by the stories around the first computer of FPT.

The piano being placed at the entrance also attracts the students’ attention. Some even practice their favorite melody on the piano.

Visiting the workplace of VnExpress at the 5th floor, the students from Victoria University College are greatly surprised by the working model of the Newspaper.

The students from Myanmar come to FPT University coincidentally with the the 25th Anniversary event “The Belief of FPT – 1/4 of a Century” of the Corporation. One representative from FPT Software is introducing the countdown clock to the Anniversary.

One student from Victoria University College writes a well- wish to FPT Corporation.

Visiting the workplace of FPT Software, the international students show great interests in the number of customers and human resources at FPT Software. Student Derrick shares that he is very impressed by the “Parents' Day" with the subtitle “Our best thanks to our parents” in the office of FPT Software.

The students take a souvenir photo at the workplace of the biggest software company in Vietnam – FPT Software.

At the end of the trip, the students have lunch on the 15th floor of the Corporation’s building. They areexcited by the “eating lunch in group” policy of FPT Corporation.

The 15th floor, which has many great views, thus ischosen by many to take a souvenir photo.

The program continues in the afternoon with a talk with FPT CSO, Mr. Nguyen Huu Thai Hoa.Mr. Nguyen shares about the upcoming technology trends as well as the similarities of Vietnam and Myanmar. The students show special interests in the information that FPT will cooperate with Victoria University College in training IT engineers with the aim to build a FPT Myanmar Software Center in 3 years.

Presenting his gifts to a Myanmar student named Chan MyaeSandar who won a small game during the program, the FPT CSO also says that after graduation, the Myanmar students can apply into FPT Myanmar when the business starts in the near future..

At the end of the program, students from FPT also have a chance to visit the FPT Research Academy- a unit of FPT University. The Smartoshin robot which can understand and speak 3 languages and also can move and dance accordingly to ambient sound... reallyimpressethe  Myanmar students. Their next extracurricular will be the International Day, which will take place on July 18th at Hoa Lac Campus. The International Day promises many surprises from the FPT University’s students.

Vân Anh – Quang Vinh
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