Students from Thailand Greatly Enjoys Extracurricular Activities at FPT University

Day update: 23/04/2013

Ice-skating, table tennis, badminton, city tour and pantomime classes were among the most notable extracurricular activities that students from NakhonPathomRajabhat University (NPRU) of Thailand participated in since their arrival at FPT University. For each activity, NPRU students showed great interests and excitement beside students from FPT University.

It has been nearly half a month since the student delegation from NPRU first arrived at FPT University. To ensure that the studying, living as well as exploring Vietnam of NPRU areconvenient and efficient, FPT University created a team of volunteers (called “tutors”) to support Thai students when necessary. After some minor difficulties, students from both universities quickly got to know each other and turned extracurricular activities into lively unforgettable memories.

Tutors from FPT University guide Thai students around the campus and introduce them about the infrastructures of the school. 

The organizers had known in advance that there would be a disabled student and showed concerns over his traveling and living. In contrast to the worries of the organizers, KrisadaChalanumas took little time to integrate with the group and lit everyone with his sense of humor.

Late afternoon is also the time that many FPT students go to the sport field to train. Without any hesitation or reluctance, Thai students joinany game actively and enthusiastically.

FPT students and NPRU students divide into many small groups and take part in many activities together.

In the huge sport field of Hoa Lac campus of FPT University, many sport activities are carried out, including basketball, badminton, ice-skating, volleyball, table tennis etc. A student from the Land of the Golden Temples humorously remarked: “With this many sports to choose from, eventually each of us will have a nice body.”

Outside the sport field, female students from both Universities share laughter in simple games. Stories about studies, family etc. are shared with openness and empathy.

Evening activities between FPT students and NPRU students are filled with a lively and exciting atmosphere, especially in the pantomime class.

For Thai students, this is the first time they have ever experienced pantomime methodically. Since the arrival of NPRU delegation, the pantomime classes have always been full.

During the classes, invisible distances as well as language barriers between Vietnamese students and Thai students are broken. Every student uses the same language: pantomime. 

Especially, according to the instructions of Mr. Bui Hoang Dung, a pantomime instructor, students from both universities join exercises about body language as an effective method to connect and exchange between two different cultures. 

Feelings and a sense of unity ariseduring the joint exercises.

During the break, FPT students actively open talks by saying hello in Thai way. The unique characteristics of Vietnamese and Thai culture isalso studied and shared by students from the two universities.

Besides the activities at FPT University, Thai students aregreatly excited to take part in the city tour with FPT students as guides to many famous locations in Hanoi.

With the exchange program still having halfway to go, it is without doubt that the time that Thai students are going to spend in FPT University will consist of many more interesting activities.

Thanh Tú
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