Vice Ambassador of Poland Visits FPT University

Day update: 09/09/2013

On September 5th, at FPT University Hoa Lac Campus, the Vice Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Vietnam visited and worked with FPT University. The visit opened up many collaboration opportunities between FPT University and Polish universities and academies.

The reception of Ambassadors is within the university’s plan to expand its international collaboration network. This is the first time the university have contacted and expressed their wish to cooperate with universities of Poland via the introduction of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Vietnam.

From the Embassy of Poland was Sir Jacek Kasprzik, Vice Ambassador of Poland in Vietnam; from FPT University were Dr. Dam Quang Minh, Vice President of the International Academy of FPT University, Dr. Ta Ngoc Cau, Vice Director of the Hoa Lac campus. Also taking part in the reception of the Vice Ambassador were international students studying at FPT University from Japan, Laos, Nigeria, Cameroon etc.

The Embassy also provided documents introducing Polish education system and the country’s famous universities for FPT University’s reference. The two parties will soon implement necessary steps to build the collaboration relationship between FPT Universities and Polish counterparts. It is expected that the collaboration will include student exchange, joint research, cultural exchange, etc.

International students receive the Vice Ambassador of Poland at FPT University.

Sir Jacek Kasprzik, Vice Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Vietnam is pleased with modern infrastructures of FPT University.

During the meeting, the Vice Ambassador expressed his good impressions with FPT University’s modern infrastructures, progressive training program and  international activities that the university is implementing. He stated that the Embassy of Poland would readily become the bridge between FPT University and the universities of Poland.

The Vice Ambassador visits FPT University’s library.

Dr. Dam Quang Minh, Vice Rector of the International Academy of FPT University exchanges gifts with the Vice Ambassador.

The Republic of Poland is situated in Central Europe, with a developed economy and one of the main hubs of exchange between European nations, with clean environment and beautiful landscape. The culture of Poland is diversified and has a history of thousands years, with influences from both the West and the East. Today, universities in Poland are attracting international students to study in different fields like economics, arts, electronics, etc.

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